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Barrier radar function and introduction

With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the increasing number of cars, the market's requirements for the product performance of the intelligent parking lot management system are also gradually increasing, among which the barrier gate is an important part of the parking lot management system and plays a decisive key Function, today I will introduce to you a "anti-smash" black technology ----- barrier radar.


What is Barrier Radar?

The barrier radar adopts the international advanced microwave high-precision positioning technology and has the characteristics of high precision, no debugging, high stability, etc. It is suitable for vehicle monitoring at the entrance and exit of parking lots and underground garages, and realizes the automatic raising and lowering of the parking lot barrier and controls the camera. Collecting license plate numbers, identifying illegal vehicles, and providing reliable basis for intelligent parking lot management are indispensable and important links in the intelligent parking management system.

The barrier radar consists of two parts: "trigger radar" and "anti-smashing radar".

Trigger radar: used to trigger the camera to capture the license plate;

The anti-smashing radar is used to: avoid the phenomenon of "smashing cars and people"!


Why choose barrier radar?

1. The traditional coil trigger needs to cut the road surface and repair the road surface, which is difficult to construct and affects the appearance!

2. The traditional coil trigger can only recognize the car, but not the person, and the phenomenon of "smashing people" by the brake lever may occur

3. Infrared cross-radiation adopts a flat beam cross-firing, even if a leaf blocks it, it will cause false triggering and installation is inconvenient, and wiring is required.

1. Convenient construction

No need to cut the road surface, using 24GHz microwave detection technology, the performance is stronger;

2. Classification recognition

Both cars and people can be identified, which can prevent the phenomenon of "smashing people" and "smashing cars";

3. Reduce false triggering

The background can be automatically identified according to the reflected wave, and the false trigger target can be effectively filtered;

4. Strong anti-interference

Strong environmental adaptability, detection performance is not affected by external environment such as light, dust, rain and snow;

5. Simplified installation and maintenance

Less manpower, shorter construction period, lower construction cost

6. Long service life

The coil is generally used for 1-2 years, and the radar can be used for 5-10 years;

7. State recognition

LED light red and green two colors indicate the working status of the radar

Radar anti-smash, safe and reliable

Vehicle entry:

Video/radar trigger, camera recognition, brake lever raised, fast pass, no registration, no operation required!

Vehicle departure:

Anti-smashing radar, safe and reliable, can prevent "smashing cars" and "smashing people" from happening!

This barrier radar has stable high detection accuracy and good environmental adaptability. It is easy to install and maintain. It can replace the traditional ground induction coil. You no longer have to worry about "smashing people"